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About Sepia Digital

Sepia Digital is an online & digital communication agency that specializes in Online Branding & Advertising solutions. Built on the tune of creativity, innovation & superior execution, this digital topnotch agency is striking chords with clienteles across the globe. Based at Noida- Delhi NCR Region, Sepia Digital has also made its presence in UK, USA & Netherland.

Sepia Digital has been successful so far in creating a solid imprint of it's clients worldwide. Sepia Digital mirrors the creativity and excellent traits of its image. Sepia Digital is part of Sepia Advertising Pvt. Ltd., which is a full service INS accredited advertising agency.


The Journey Begins

From little acorns come the giant oaks

The journey began in 1992. Here is the story of an evolution.

The innovation was christened " Sepia", an advertising company with a business philosophy that was as simple as it could be - 'Work hard and 'win'. The theory produced great results. Sepia started growing. Over the years, the 'basic of all' instincts got complemented with knowledge and insights.

Horizons widened. Capabilities enhanced. From a start up level design shop… to a preferred creative resource for progressive brands… to a fully fledged Advertising agency… to an integrated marketing communication solutions provider… to a dependable strategic consultant for some of the most fiercely competing marketers & brands…...since birth till today, it has built upon its competencies, while adhering to the original work philosophies.

Our Approach

No one can fight an idea

The company adopts a philosophy of being a part of its clients' marketing and publicity team and thus work hand in hand with them for design and development of every job. The policy of close involvement with the clients begins with the very first briefing. The relationship develops into a mutual exchange that continues throughout all developmental phases and ever after.

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Since inception in 1992 till today, the company has been dynamically building on its ability to create the most innovative and effective communication packages. Over the years, Sepia has gained tremendous expertise and experience in providing integrated solutions for a variety of product promotion and corporate communication needs. Through a combination of extensively researched, well devised strategies, Sepia's highly creative expressions and subsequently strong execution skills, the work always excels. As on now, Sepia has following Companies under it's umbrella.



Nothing excites Sepia more than appreciation. It urges to strive further for perfection. Sepia is proud of the fact that through the years it has received a fair share of accolades.


Archi Design
100 years of Archive Music
Best Exhibition stand by IHPC


AIDS Foundation


"Business as usual" is not the refrain with Sepia. Though Sepia is in the forefront of advertising and members of some prestigious and related institutions, sepia is also committed towards Social Responsibility.


DAC - Delhi Advertising Club

PCI - Press Club of India


WaahMP - Waah Madhya Pradesh
Amar Jyoti
Charity Organisation (Sonu Nigam)
Social Campaign


Memberships & Social Corporate Responsibility

"Business as usual" is not the refrain with us. Though we are in the forefront of advertising and members of some prestigious and related institutions, we at sepia are also committed to Social Responsibility.


DAC - Delhi Advertising Club
PCI - Press Club of India
WaahMP - Waah MadhaPradesh


Amar Jyoti
Charity Organisation (Sonu Nigam)
Social Campaign




A Trailblazer amongst contemporaries, Sepia has its genesis in the coming together of qualified professionals with backgrounds in fields, as diverse as management, finance, marketing and Art.

Sepia, with an enterprising team at the helm, is excellently placed to chart a path of unprecedented success. Several years of exposure and experience in their respective fields, has given the promoters, the acumen to present this revolutionary concept to total success.

Shailesh Goyal
Founder  Director
B.F.A - 1991 | Punjab University

Has been at the heim of Sepia affairs since its inception An extraordinary adminstrator & men-manager.
Graduate from College of Arts, Chandigarh.

Rajesh Goyal
Founder& Managing Director
B.F.A - 1991 | Punjab University

With an exceptional blend of creative & entrepreneurial skill, Rajesh Goyal Posses an obsession for great advertising.
Graduate from College of Arts, Chandigarh.

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