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Online & Digital Communication Solutions : 2011-More Innovations in Waiting

The past year saw many significant developments in the digital & online communication domain as far as growth is concerned. If the year 2010 was devoted to the growth of social media platform, online journalism and 3G, the upcoming year witness further innovation in the digital domain.

Come 2011 and the digital media is expected to grow even further with the increase in usage of the internet by the users. Talking about India, the advent of 3g and the increase in the number of subscribers using internet via mobile, the mobile broadband arena is expected to grow even further. Due to the fact that a large number of mobile sets have internet access facility, sky is the limit as far as the growth of mobile internet is concerned. Another thing to look out for in the upcoming year is the growth of social media. The past year saw social media networking platforms, particularly Twitter being the platform for numerous eye-catching events. Twitter created a new trend in online journalism with prominent news agencies and personalities using the 140 character feed site for their information and opinion sharing purposes.

The year 2011 will see the social media network playing a dominant role with more people using the social networking sites to deliver messages instantly. The social media sector already has numerous commercial, non- commercial, governmental and even celebrities making their presence felt through regular updates in order to promote themselves and their services. According to a report released in July 2010 by Comscore, the number of social networking users in India is estimated to be around 33 million, which is about 84 per cent of the total social networking traffic. The services like status updates via mobile have also generated much interest amongst the consumers.

Talking about Digital & Online Advertising, the upcoming year will see leading brands spending more on digital & online advertising through mobile and internet. Hence, to make this genre of advertising an effective one, the companies will be turning no stone unturned in identifying the appropriate segment of audience. To attract more audience, more stress will be laid on the quality of the services, rather than simply the numbers. In India, the digital advertising share is roughly 7 per cent as compared to other forms of advertising and the number is expected to grow further.

Hence, it is expected that the digital media will create more milestones in the communication and will witness further innovations. Sepia Digital offers you a golden opportunity to be a part of this digital revolution by associating yourself with us:-

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Why Online Media is important in today’s World

Talk about communication, and lo & behold various picks pop up! But when it comes to promote your brand, scenario takes up a different roll. A serious decision follows, as it's the matter of your brand promotion, wherein your investment, your earnings are laced with.

Today the hype is Online and Digital Communication! In this era of "No time for others", online communication is a gateway to the world, where your brand can grasp the attention of millions. Imagine, your brand rolling into the eyeballs of audiences, which traditional advertising limits to, as they fall short to surmount the geographical margins. Moreover, when its cost lies far below the margin of traditional media, then why to burn your pockets by investing on the age olds trends!

Competition is getting tougher. Every company is grabbing each single possibility to bring their brands upfront. Being online on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut has become an integral part of the lifestyle of millions. Internet is today more of a necessity than a luxury and unknowingly it has become a vital part of our daily lives. A day without internet seems being aloof from the world outside and outdated.

In gist, when all are going online, then which media would give your brand more visibility? The more your brands get exposure to larger audiences, the more impact it builds on consumers mind resulting in more earnings to you!

No Geographical limits, More Visibility, Largest Viewership numbers, Effectual ...all these at less cost in just a click away. This is all what Online Media is and why it so important for your Brand! Rest is your decision, whether you want to give your brand an edge over competitors through the new generation media or get yourself trapped in the conventional trends.

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