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Design Strategy and Creative Services for Online Presence

Online advertising and branding is a promotion that delivers marketing messages to attract customers. And not to snarl its pace, it often synchronizes the design strategy & creative services; which includes high tech scratching of grey cells, market research and ideas that light up the brand positioning in the memory box of the end consumers.

  • Ideation & Creative Brain Storming
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Design WBS & Action Plan
  • Usability & UI Design
  • Navigation & DFD
  • Utility Design & Wireframe
  • Design & Visual Content Development

Did you know?

  • Some websites don't make quality output because they only work in Internet Explorer (version 6) and not other browsers like Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and Safari.
  • 70% people of the world, when they start building Web pages, don't spend a lot of time thinking about the reasons why they use various techniques. Learn to be more scientific on their Web design.
  • Statistics show that users will wait only 4 seconds to begin to see a page loading when they first visit a website; and only 20 seconds for the entire page to have downloaded in the screen.

How to maximize your profit out of it?

  • You should have stuck with your old website. We can redesign your website. The design will be better, the usability will be increased, and will not be failed to make it cross browser compatible. Your new website will be viewed in Firefox, Netscape, Safari, and Opera. We will make sure it works on different browsers.
  • Our web designer knows about web optimization and thus will balance your site with light weight graphics and text to smooth and faster responding

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