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Are you not tired of being at the mercy of newspapers to publish your press release? Are you not frustrated to see your detailed press release trimmed to just a few lines of text when published? Don't you desire to see your press release being distributed to audience across the globe instead of just appearing in regional editions?

If YES, then Digital PR is all that you and your business needs. Digital PR is the distribution of press releases to audiences through the internet and World Wide Web. Digital PR does not just help your PR releases to defy the geographical boundaries but also scores over the traditional methods of Press Release distribution in terms of its interactivity, measurability and effectiveness.

Did you know?

  • Online media retains your press releases for a much longer period than traditional ones
  • Digital PR facilitates easy interaction with the viewers and could be integrated with social media tools.
  • Digital PR could direct online traffic i.e. visitors to your website.

How to maximize your profit out of it?

  • Digital PR Strategy, Planning & Account Management

    Deciding upon the right approach of the PR activities, the frequency of releases and other significant factors to enhance your brand image and update people about your activities.
  • Digital PR Account Setup & Activation

    Identifying suitable Digital PR platforms for your business and creating accounts to publish your press releases
  • Digital Pre & Post PR Releases Writing & Publishing

    Drafting press releases about recent happenings, achievements, products and other activities of your business and circulating it across the World Wide Web
  • Digital Product/Services Review writing, Analysis & Posting

    Writing suitable content regarding the products or services offered by your firm and posting them on apposite forums, portals and websites
  • E-Article & White Papers Writing & Publishing

    Writing suitable write ups for promotion of your products or services online and posting them on platforms where your target audience would most likely read it.
  • Blog Writing, Posting & Account Activation

    Identifying suitable platform to post your blogs especially local and industry specific ones and posting write ups according to the communication needs of the business.
  • Web Analytics Account Code (For Digital PR Monitoring Activity) Activation

    Tracking the number of people who have viewed your PR content, response obtained from the Digital PR activities and the in-flow of online traffic attributed to the Digital PR campaign
  • Digital PR Comprehensive Account Reporting, Analysis & Management

    Providing a detailed report on all the Digital PR activities initiated by us, the online visibility of your PR content and an insight on its effectiveness

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