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Online Media Planning and Buying

With millions of websites being potential options providing a variety of advertising and promotions opportunities, it gets really difficult in deciding the right online media for your business. Online Media Buying and Planning is a crucial step in any online campaign. Investing and relying on the wrong media could put all your efforts in vain. We decide upon the right online platform and media for your business considering your target audience and their internet habits and then help you to get the best deal on buying advertising space on the media.

Did you know?

  • Proper Media planning could cut your advertising budget by 30%
  • Online media sometimes provides performance based advertising platforms like you pay for an ad appearing in a website according to the number of time users clicked it.
  • 7 out of 10 online users click on an advertisement appearing on a web page that appears interesting and different.
  • Online Media could be used to target people belonging to specific age groups, geographic locations or interests.

How to maximize your profit out of it?

  • Identifying the right online platforms and advertising model for your campaigns
    Considering your industry and target audience to find the most suitable online platform for the campaign and choosing the right advertising model out of a large number of available options.
  • Planning and Management of the campaigns
    Strategizing the different aspects of the campaigns like the time and duration of the campaign, the frequency of the messages, the advertising space to be used and other significant factors to make the campaign a success.
  • Providing the best deal in buying advertising space
    Media Buying to provide you the best deal and make the best use of your advertising budget.
  • Analysis of results of the campaign
    Analyzing the impact of the advertising campaign with respect to the online traffic gathered, the brand awareness it created and ROI it has generated.

With cutting edge strategies to match the best in business, Sepia Digital is committed to boost your advertising campaigns. Sepia digital has been successful in creating a positive impact in the minds of the netizens about your business. Sepia Digital's team is known for developing effective media plans to maximize your business.
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