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SEO - (Search Engine Optimization)

Imagine a person looking for a good pair of shoes searching the term, 'best shoe brand' in a search engine like Google, yahoo or msn in the process and the search result page is flooded with the web pages relating to a particular brand. Isn't the person likely to opt for shoes of that brand rather than that of the competitors? How about flooding the search result page with your brand, product or service when any related search is made by a potential customer?

It's not just about sales, your brand, product, service or business being visible in the search engine results also enhances the image and increase awareness about your firm. But, how to achieve top position in search engine results when there might be millions of web pages similar to those in your website? The key lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO involves the different techniques used to index your website or web pages high in search results when terms related to your brand, products, service or business are searched on search engines. Being one of the most inexpensive and affordable means of internet marketing, SEO can do wonders for your business.

Did you know?

  • Studies reveal that a customer is 10 times more likely to purchase your products and services after finding your website through a Search Engine rather than any other form of traditional advertising.
  • Top search engine rankings can increase the web traffic of your website up to 900% which could increase your sales by 80%.

How to maximize your profit out of it?

  • Keyword Research, Strength Analysis & Optimization

    We would do an extensive research to find the words, phrases or terms relating to your business that is most likely to be searched by your target audience on search engines and make recommendations on using it in your web resources in an appropriate manner.
  • Meta-Tags, Alt Tags Creation, Integration & Optimization

    Writing the Title Tags, Meta Tag description, Image Tags and other such portions in the code for each page of the website in a manner that is interesting to read and also search engine friendly.
  • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (On Page & Off Page)

    Identifying areas and suggesting changes within your web page (On page) to enable high ranking of your website on search engines and promoting your website through various techniques on other directories, portals, forums, blogs, forums and websites (Off page)
  • SEO Enabled Content Development & Integration

    Crafting a SEO friendly and aesthetically appealing content for your website and using it in the website at the right place in the right manner.
  • Link Building Process & Link Exchange Process Planning & Management

    Listing links of your web pages across the internet and World Wide through various techniques to enable greater visibility on the search engine results besides directing online traffic to your website..
  • Online Directory Submission (Paid & Non Paid)

    Submitting your website and its sitemaps in the directories of local search engines, relevant business and industry specific directories, websites and portals besides submissions in major search engines like Google, yahoo, msn, ask etc.
  • Web Analytics Account Code Integration & Activation

    Tracking the number of people visiting the website along with gathering other relevant data like the average time spent, the pages visited the maximum number of times and demographical details of the visitors.
  • SEO Comprehensive Account Reporting, Analysis & Management

    A comprehensive report of all the SEO activities initiated by us with an in-depth analysis its effect on the search engine rankings and online traffic

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