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Digital PR:

Refers to enhance the brand value of an organization with online news reporting & other such internet based techniques or tools. The internet offers some of best & unique solutions when it comes to PR. Unlike traditional media that rely on limited types of content online PR integrates copy, images, videos, audio, animation and feedback through comments, number of times website was visited etc.

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E - Campaign Design & Management:
E- Campaign design & management consist of carrying on 360 degree online advertising of a product in a proper and managed way. Every possible market is studied and product is then introduced to the audience with the best possible means; like online strategy making, digital content development, social media writing and many more to name.

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E - Research & Knowledge Management
Using Information Technology, Communications and Information management technologies, you can add on a "better" to a research work; that later on helps in improvised collaboration of research works. And this is what E- Research Knowledge & Management is well versed with. It enables researchers to draw on perceptions and resources from various ranges, and builds up a new insight for clients.

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Web Analytics & Online Traffic Management:
Web analytics manages the traffic to your website or to your online brand promotion campaigns. This tool helps in estimating the number of visibility an ad or an website has received after its being launched and provides data on the number of visitors, page views, etc. which helps the client to calculate aftermath of the ad campaigns of his/her products . Web analytics is not just confine to e – visibility controlling, but also a worldwide used tool for market and business research.

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Online Advertising
The online medium with its interactivity, cost-effectiveness and ability to cross all geographical barriers has tremendous potential to power your business to great heights through online advertising. A considerable portion of the marketing budget of many global enterprises is on the online media.

Online Advertising has not just helped us in reaching our target audience across the globe but has also enabled us to specifically target people belonging to only a particular geographic location, age group or interest. The success of online advertising campaigns can be precisely calculated and advertisement revenue spent is often dependent on the success of the campaigns e.g. You pay only when your ad is clicked.

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Online Brand Building
At a time where people look for almost anything and everything on the World Wide Web, Internet can play a crucial role in deciding the perception of the people towards your brand, product and services. Online brand building would involve enhancing the image of your brand by various online activities especially on industry and interest specific forums, portals, website or any other platforms your target audience would most likely be exposed to.

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