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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

With minimal budget, Social media platforms and tools could be effectively used to implement marketing and advertising campaigns with content that attracts attention, generates online conversations, and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. This is done through Social Media Marketing & Advertising

From generating sales to market research, enhancing the good will of your firm and friendly interaction with your consumers, Social media today is used for a variety of Marketing and Advertising purposes by a large number of businesses. Do you still need a reason to use social media for your advertising and marketing campaigns?

You could use one or all of these services we provide to enhance the performance of your business using the Social media for marketing and advertising purposes.

Did you know?

  • Dell, a renowned computer brand has sold $ 3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter.
  • Dove, a FMCG brand is using the social media for its market research.
  • Coca Cola sends hundreds of updates and marketing messages to more than 1.4 crore potential customers on facebook without having to spend a single penny on it.
  • Linkedin, a professional social networking site is being used by top notch companies to select 80 per cent of its employees.
  • Every Bollywood movie released these days has a dedicated facebook page for its promotion.
  • While only 14% People Trust Ads, 76% People Trust Consumer Recommendations that can easily be facilitated and shared through social networks

How to maximize your profit out of it?

  • Identifying Social Media Channel & Strategy Design for Marketing

    Choosing the most feasible social media platform among hundreds of social networks for the dissemination of the Marketing messages
  • Identifying Social Media Channel & Strategy Design for Advertising

    Choosing the most feasible social media platform among a galore of social networking sites for the dissemination of the Advertising messages
  • SM Account Creation, Activation & Integration for Marketing & Advertising

    Initiating social media accounts for your business and its customization for the purpose of Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Planning & Execution

    Designing the most effective marketing strategy and promotional plans for your business and then implementing it.
  • Social Media Buying & Account Activation

    Selecting and purchasing advertising space on the social media and customizing it to target your most potential customers.
  • Social Media Ads Development & Posting/Publishing

    Creating the advertising messages – textual and visual in accordance to the advertising and marketing needs of your business
  • Social Media Marketing Account Integration & Management

    Integrating the SM Marketing account with the existing website and other online resources of the brand.
  • Social Media Marketing & AD Campaign Planning, Execution & Management

    Strategizing an ad campaign and its implementation by customization of social media accounts as per needs of the campaign, posting relevant updates, ads and using various other social media tools
  • SM Marketing Account Reporting, Analysis & Management

    A detailed report on all the SM Marketing operations carried out and an in-depth analysis of its effectiveness and return on Investment (ROI)

social media marketing social media marketing social media marketing
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